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Wood blinds

Consider wood blinds to dress up your windows. There are so many varieties of wood blinds available that you will find many options to choose from. It is a good idea to browse around a little before making your final decision on wood blinds.

You may want to consider plantation shutters. These blinds are reminiscent of the architecture of the southern United States. Plantation wood shutters fit in very nicely with traditional décor. You will find wood stains and painted wood color options available, the most popular options being natural wood tones and white.

The average two-inch wood blinds are what you likely see the most of wood blinds used in homes today. These blinds offer privacy, shade, and style. Wood blinds can be used with or without curtains or other additional window treatments. Many modern style homes use blinds alone, without any additional adornments, while traditionally styled homes often further accessorize with draperies.

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