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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a great option for window coverings. These blinds are, as the name implies, vertical. They are fixed at the top of the window or door and then hang down in neat, evenly spaced rows. When you pull a cord, the blinds shift open or shut.

While vertical blinds are a viable option for large windows, they are often a great choice for doors, specifically French doors or sliding doors. Because of the size of these doors, horizontal blinds are not a wise option. Excessively long horizontal blinds do not hold up well. If you plan to use vertical blinds on a door, choose a quality brand and remember cheap prices equal cheap quality in blinds.

Blind manufacturers suggest a maximum width measurement for blinds. Wide glass doors and windows well exceed that limit. Vertical blinds are an option for covering wide windows, French doors and sliding glass doors. One advantage of vertical blinds is that you can pull the blinds completely open in order to use the door.

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